Valuable Vintage Lamps


Vintage lamps have been in fashion for a long time and they tend to be more expensive than other types of lamps. The best vintage lamps are those that have been carefully built to last and provide excellent lighting. These lamps come in a variety of styles and designs. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most expensive vintage lamps ever sold.

1. Pair of Alvar Aalto Lamps
Two lamps by Alvar Aalto were sold at the Artcurial auction house in Paris for €130,000 (approximately $146,000) in 2019. These lamps were designed in the 1950s and were part of Aalto’s famous “Angel Wing” series. These lamps are made of white painted metal and have a unique curved shape that is both artistic and functional.

2. Fulvio Bianconi Lamps
Fulvio Bianconi is a well-known Italian glass artist who designed several lamps that are considered some of the most expensive vintage lamps. One of his lamp designs sold for €108,000 (approximately $121,000) at a Phillips auction in 2017. Bianconi’s lamps are known for their intricate glasswork, which often features bright colors and patterns.

3. Gino Sarfatti Lamp
Gino Sarfatti was an Italian lighting designer whose lamps are highly sought-after by collectors. One of his lamps sold for $218,000 at a Phillips auction in 2016. This lamp, designed in the 1950s, features a unique curved design and was made of brass and opaline glass. Sarfatti’s lamps are known for their minimalist designs and high-quality materials.

4. Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp
The Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp is one of the most famous and expensive vintage lamps. It was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s and is known for its elaborate leaded glass shade. These lamps can sell for millions of dollars at auction, due to their artistry and rarity.

5. Jean Royere Floor Lamp
Jean Royere was a French designer whose lamps are popular among collectors. One of his floor lamps sold for $785,000 at a Christie’s auction in 2017. This lamp, designed in the 1950s, features a unique mushroom-shaped shade and a brass base. Royere’s lamps are known for their playful designs and use of unconventional materials.

Vintage lamps are not just functional lighting fixtures, they are timeless works of art that add elegance and sophistication to any room. Collectors around the world are willing to pay top dollar for these vintage treasures, making them some of the most expensive lamps on the market. Whether you are a vintage lamp collector or simply enjoy browsing beautiful designs, these lamps are definitely worth taking a closer look at.