Fine Art

David Hockney


David Hockney is a British artist known for his unique use of color and composition. Born in 1937 in Bradford, England, Hockney studied at the Royal College of Art in London before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s, where he made many of his most famous works of art.

One of Hockney’s most valuable works of art is “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures),” which he painted in 1972. The painting showcases Hockney’s signature use of bright, contrasting colors, and depicts a man standing at the edge of a pool, watching a swimmer underwater. The painting sold for $90 million at auction in 2018, making it one of the most expensive works of art by a living artist.

Another famous Hockney painting is “Beverly Hills Housewife,” painted in 1966. This painting captures the hazy, sunny days of Los Angeles in the 60s, with a woman lounging by a pool in a bright pink swimsuit. Hockney’s use of bold colors and flat planes give the painting a modern, almost cartoonish feel.

Hockney is also known for his works on paper, particularly his “Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm,” created in the late 60s and early 70s. These illustrations are bright and playful, with Hockney’s distinctive style creating a sense of whimsical fantasy. The illustrations were eventually published in a book, solidifying their status as some of Hockney’s most beloved works.

One of Hockney’s more recent works is “The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven),” a series of 51 paintings depicting the changing of the seasons in the English countryside. Hockney created the series using an iPad, solidifying his reputation as an artist who embraces new technologies in his work. The paintings capture the vibrant colors of springtime in rural England, with intricate details that make each painting feel like a snapshot of a moment in time.

David Hockney’s art is innovative, experimental and always evolving. From his early days in London to his long career in California, Hockney has always pushed the boundaries of traditional art forms, constantly challenging himself and his audience. His art is a celebration of color, light, and the beauty of the world around us.