Repurposing Furniture

repurposing furniture

Fine Art SHARE Repurposing furniture is a great way to save money, give new life to old items, and add unique pieces to your home decor. With a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can transform almost any piece of furniture into something fresh and new. One great way to repurpose furniture is […]

Collecting Slot Machines

slot machine collection

Collectibles SHARE Collecting slot machines is a hobby that has grown in popularity over the years, with enthusiasts searching high and low for rare antique models. While there are plenty of machines to choose from, some are more valuable than others, making them highly sought after by collectors. One of the most valuable slot machines […]

What is upcycling?


Collectibles SHARE Upcycling is a concept that revolves around taking old, discarded or unused objects and transforming them into something new and useful once again. It’s a trend that is gaining traction in modern society as people become more aware of the impacts of excessive consumerism on the environment. Upcycled products can range from furniture […]

Rustic and antique items for interior design

rustic furniture

Antiques and rustic items in interior design. Share on facebook Share on twitter Many can remember the first time they heard the term “rustic” in regard to furnishings and interior design. How on earth could old wood, worn leather chairs, and vintage metal accessories possibly be attractive in any home or space? Well turns out […]



The Wristwatch Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Functionality, image,  investment, or all three? When you think of a watch, you typically think of the function it serves you each day.  It tells you if you are running late for work or picking up the kids, or if you are going to […]



KPM Limoges For sale, consignment, or auction Many people use the term “Limoges” as though it is a brand name but of course collectors know that Limoges is a city in France.  It was this location where kaolin clay was first discovered which changed the course of the region Limoges china is known for it’s […]



Important Antiques Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company, defines Important Antiques as extraordinary items, potentially one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, museum quality, with unmatched quality. They are the rarest and most sought after items in the world and typically, but not always, connected to important historical importance. Items from the Pinner Qing Dynasty,  Medici dynasty, and Tang […]

Fine Furnishings


Luxury Furnishings Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company curates for sale, auction, or consignment, the highest quality furniture from the most important international brands. Typical furnishings sold have been from Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi, Bugatti, Heritage, Bacarrat La Maison, Minotti, and others.  Whether the furnishings are in Europe or the USA, Las Vegas […]

Mantle Clocks

antique clocks

Mantel clocks Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company curates all types of mantel clocks for auction or public or private sale. Whether it’s a single clock or a lifetime collection, CESAC works on behalf of collectors, investors, individuals, and estates to achieve top dollar for all personal property. Whether the clocks are Louis XVI […]