Modern Art Resale

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Fine Art SHARE Modern art is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of artistic styles and techniques that emerged in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution. It is characterized by a focus on innovation, experimentation, and a rejection of the traditional techniques and expectations of art. The roots of modern art can be […]

Ming Dynasty Pottery

Ming Dynasty

Fine Art SHARE The Ming Dynasty was a period of artistic achievement and growth in China and one of its most notable contributions was pottery. The Ming Dynasty era was from the early 14th century to the late 17th century, and it was during this period that China’s porcelain production reached its zenith. Ming Dynasty […]

Peter Max Art Resale

Peter Max art

Fine Art SHARE Peter Max is an American pop artist who became famous for his vibrant use of color and unique style in the 1960s. He first gained popularity for his psychedelic posters, which helped define the counterculture movement of the era. His art has since become a staple of popular culture, appearing on everything […]

What makes fine art so expensive?

fine art

Fine ARt SHARE Fine art is often considered expensive, but why is this the case? There are a number of factors that contribute to the high cost of fine art. To begin with, the materials used in creating art can be expensive. High-quality paints, canvases, brushes, and other materials can add up quickly. Many artists […]

Fine Art


We have buyers right now Fine Art ALL Warhol Hockney Hirst Retro Held Zitko Fine art, fine jewelry, and classic cars would be our true area of expertise. We have been appraising fine art and jewels for over 30 years, from all around the world. We’ve liquidated large Warhol pieces, large private collections, and full […]