The Rolex Sky-Dweller
For World Travelers

The watch for the well traveled
Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller was created in 2012 and targeted for the businessman who travels. It’s one of Rolex’s most complex watches, but it’s high sophistication sets it apart from Rolex’s other sporty styles, because face it, Rolex was meant for being underwater although may people often for get this fact.  This is a gorgeous watch, is highly desired all over the world, and the resale market for it is very strong. It’s a sellers market.  

The watch is easy to spot with it's dual time zone dial.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller was designed with a streamlined sensibility, stunning lines, and stunning fine jewelry quality. Wearers only need to adjust the date once year at the end of February, the roman numerals were updated to a more simple marker, and they even engrave the company name all around the edge of the face.

In 2017, Rolex released two additional versions of the Sky-Dweller, both being made of mixed metal. One is stainless steel and white gold and the other is stainless steel and yellow gold. Something for everyone. These mixed metal version retail for about half the price of the all gold models, making it affordable to a additional group of consumers. 

The bezel used on the Sky-Dweller was previously used on the Yacht-Master II, but because of its functionality it was the perfect choice for everyday use of the profesional business who needs to have time zone information at a glance.  Each counter clockwise quarter turn of the bezel provides a different function of the watch. Set the time, set the month and date, or activated the 24 hour feature. 


Great minds think alike

If you own a Rolex Sky-Dweller and are thinking of selling it, we very likely have a buyer for you. Our network of collectors and investors in Las Vegas, Newport Beach, New York, Park City Utah, Miami, and around the world are always anxious to have the opportunity for Rolex, Cartier, Faberge, Patek Philippe, and alike.

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