Important Antiques Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company, defines Important Antiques as extraordinary items, potentially one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, museum quality, with unmatched quality. They are the rarest and most sought…

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Fine Furnishings

Luxury Furnishings Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company curates for sale, auction, or consignment, the highest quality furniture from the most important international brands. Typical furnishings sold have been…

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Mantle Clocks

Mantel clocks Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company curates all types of mantel clocks for auction or public or private sale. Whether it's a single clock or a lifetime…

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Hermes chair

Hermes chair

Celebrity Owned Hermes Chair Las Vegas, Nevada One of a kind. It is with permission from the buyer of this one-of-a-kind Hermes chair that we share the images publicly.  Contracted…

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