Vintage Jewelry at our Las Vegas Estate Sales

Who ever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop.

I love fine jewelry and I don’t care where it came from, its age, or who owned it previously. Diamonds are diamonds, gold is gold,  and emeralds & sapphires just increase in value every year. I love fine jewelry and will buy it via any channel.  My test for buying is “Will living without it haunt me for the rest of my life?”  I learned this the hard way as to this day I still dream about the 62 carat Blue Star Sapphire ring with 7 carats of diamonds that “got away”.

Las Vegaws Estate Sale

Recently at a Las Vegas estate sale I came across some vintage fine jewelry that caught my eye.  It was all in great condition, and the price was more than fair but unfortunately it was a little too formal for my needs.  It was still very fun and exciting to see, and have the opportunity to buy though.  The hunt is often a thrill on its own.

Also at this Vegas estate sale was fine art that people were buzzing about, and it was quickly bought up.  It was like Christmas morning minus the pajamas.  

estate jewelry

Vintage Broaches

At another recent estate sale in Vegas offered for sale a big collection of broaches, and although many were costume, they were still fun to see.  

Occasionally, it’s fun to wear a vintage broach that is costume/fashion jewelry. There are plenty of occasions where costume jewelry is more appropriate than fine jewelry.  I love a broach on a cardigan sweater or on the lapel of a blazer. 

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