Who ever said
"money can't buy happiness" didn't know where to shop!

Classic Tiffany

Every woman can spot the Tiffany colored box a mile away, and many men can too.  

Its iconic brand has stood the test of time as it first opened in 1837 by Charles Tiffany. It’s interesting to know that initially Tiffany did  not accept credit cards, rather only cash.

We are all familiar with the iconic movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” which just enforced the brand further.

In 1990 Tiffany created a campaign to present that Tiffany could be affordable to all, but they will never stop displaying their most expensive items front and center. 

I don’t think most people realize that Tiffany sells affordable items like money clips, pens, perfume, scarves and bowls and vases.  For $50 you can buy a gift for someone and look like a big spender when the Tiffany box is presented.  

Tiffany location

Preowned Tiffany Items at our estate sales

It is common for our Las Vegas estate sales to have Tiffany items for sale. They can range from high profile perfect Yellow diamond rings, to purses, silver items, and home decor. Here are some classic examples: 


Tiffany bracelets

Tiffany bag

Tiffany handbags

Tiffany scarf

Tiffany scarves


Tiffany candlesticks

Tiffany Tips

Keep an eye out for Tiffany candlesticks, vintage Tiffany watches (especially Patek Philippe), Schlumberger Turquoise Enamel bracelets, and mesh diamond bracelets. The values of these items has dramatically increased in value.

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