Summerlin Estate Sales

Summerlin estate sales offer a unique opportunity to find high-quality, rare, and vintage items. Estate sales in Summerlin are very popular due to the sophisticated nature of it’s residents. 

Summerlin Estate Sales and Auctions

About Las Vegas Estate Sales & Auction Company

Whether you own a luxury estate, modest home, condo, or business, obtaining the highest returns for our clients belongings is always our primary focus.  

If you wish to liquidate a collection of any type, designer items, luxury watch, art glass, or other special items, we can sell them via private or public sale, or auction for maximum exposure.  

We work with attorneys, estate managers, individuals, celebrities, gallery owners, business owners, families, and alike. 

There are many reasons people chose to liquidate a home, art collection, jewelry collection, or business, and we are staffed for any situation. We take care of everything from start to finish including appraisal, pricing, marketing, shipping, and payments.  

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About Summerlin Estate Sales

If you are a buyer, you will love Summerlin sales.  Summerlin sales  attract serious collectors, interior designers, and decorators looking for unique pieces and collectibles. The competition can be fierce, so coming early is the best strategy.

Estate Sales, Auctions, Business Liquidations, Consignments

Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction company is one of the premier providers of estate sales and auction services in the Summerlin area. 

What makes Las Vegas Estate Sales & Auction Company different?

– We are the only estate sale firm that also offers auction services.

– We are the only estate sale firm in the state with 35+ years experience. 

– We have a track record unmatched by any of our competitors.  We are the choice for art gallery’s, celebrities, high net worth families, probate attorneys, sports icons, and Hollywood heavy weights. 

– We manage luxury estate sales and modest homes, as well as auction specialty items such as fine art, fine jewels, classic cars, and all types of collections and collectibles. 

– Licensed and bonded of course.