Prada is an Italian luxury house that specialize in handbags, clothing, accessories, shoes, and fragrances for men and women. The firm was created in 1913 by Mario Prada although it didn’t come into world wide acclaim until about 2000.  Prada first started out making leather goods in Milan Italy…which we all know is ground zero for all things leather.

It is interesting to know that Mario Prada did not believe in women in the workplace so no female family members worked there until much later when Mario’s daughter, Luisa, took over the firm and ran it for 20 years.  In 1970 her daughter, Miuccia joined the firm and officially took over in 1978.

In 1978 sales were at $450,000.00.  In 1979 Miucca launched her line of backpacks, which was her passion,. They were made of  military grade black nylon. The next release was a large nylon tote and along with opening boutiques, this is when the firm took off world wide.  Although the bags were practical and sturdy, their modern lines and craftsmanship had a luxury quality that become the Prada signature.

Today Prada is everywhere.  From the red carpets of Hollywood, to socialites, and royalty. Boutiques are now world wide including three boutiques in Las Vegas.

Prada does a lot of work with fur and skins in both bags and clothing.  If you were lucky enough to have an opportunity to buy items that were seen on the runway, they can be quite valuable so if you are thinking of putting your Prada items up for auction, we can help you get top dollar.  Prada items should be marketed worldwide to collectors to insure the best return.  For example this pre-owned fox jacket once seen on the runway is valued at about $4000.00 today.    

prada bag
Croc bag $16,000.00
Prada mens jacket
Suede coat $4500.00
Prada jacket
Prada bag
Ostrich bag $5300.00

Other Prada items in high demand are their Ostrich handbags, and coats. If  you have any Prada evening wear, there is a market for it. It is not a massive market like with Chanel, but there are people with special interest in pieces that were made in limited amounts.  Make sure and consult an expert before selling on your own to make sure you are not giving away the golden goose!