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In today’s environment, some Las Vegas estate sales can sell everything quickly and for top dollar.  Some items, like collectibles, are better  off sold separately however.  The good news is that Las Vegas Estate Sales & Auction company has a network of collectors, investors, and buyers all over the globe.  It is likely we may already have a buyer for your collectible items. 

Estate sales, consignments, auctions, & buy outs.

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To say we are a full service estate sale and auction company would be an understatement. We are much more. We are an art dealer, a classic car dealer, fine jewelry dealer, appraiser, global resource, and auction expert. We are also aware that often times an estate sale is the result of the loss of a family member, and we are always sensitive and companionate.

Need to meet an escrow closing date?  We are familiar with the requirements that probate and other legal processes can bring to a real estate transaction.  

Whether you are in charge of a luxury estate, modest estate, business liquidation, art gallery, or a stamp collection, we will get top dollar for you.

If you require confidentially, no problem. We are accustom to working with celebrities, agents, attorney’s and alike. 

estate sales, consignments, auctions, business liquidations, buy outs.

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The firm started out as a fine art dealer. Shortly after that, clients sought our council on the sale of fine jewelry, and from there it grew into collections, collectibles, rare items, super bowl rings, celebrity estate sales, classic car sales, and alike. Additionally our network grew beyond the borders of the USA.  We now have affiliates in Europe, China, and Australia. 

Do you have a cabochon ruby the size of a golf ball?  We can appraise or sell it for you. Furs by Bally or Fendi?  Our designer sales are legendary. Sinatra memorabilia?  We love Sinatra, and know collectors who do too. 


We are available to assist you with all of your Las Vegas estate sale, auction, and consignment needs. Consignment is an excellent option if you are not in a rush for the sale.  It gives us time to find just the right buyer to bring your desired price…or more. Nothing is more gratify when multiple collectors respond to our notices of upcoming items for sale. Let the bidding begin!

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Asian art, fine art, fine jewels, automobiles, antiques, memorabilia, designer items, and more. We obtain top dollar for our clients. See some of our testimonials here and our social media page here. To get started all you have to do is make the call.  

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