Nancy Gonzalez Handbags

Ok, let’s be real. If an alien from space came to earth, who had never been exposed to brand names, logos, marketing campaigns and such, would they really think Hermes and Louis Vuitton handbags were the most beautiful handbags on earth?  I submit they would not. Face it, many Louis Vuitton bags are made of canvas.  Don’t get me wrong, I love some of their styles, especially their large totes and luggage but in terms of ‘beauty’, I don’t think they make the cut.  If you strip away all the marketing and just evaluate a handbag for what it really is, I believe Nancy Gonzalez bags are the most beautiful and rank highest in quality of materials.  I nominate Judith Leiber as number two in line.   

Nancy Gonzalez bags are made in Colombia and are known for their wide range of colored crocodile skins. Nancy Gonzalez bags are carried by a handful of high caliber stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, and Harrods as well as their few boutiques around the world. 

The handbags range from a $2000 thousand dollars to $6000 depending on size which when compared to other high value brands is not so unreasonable especially when you consider they are made of crocodile. Chanel or Hermes bag starts at $5000 and are just made of leather.  If a Nancy Gonzalez bag has a chain strap, it too is covered in crocodile. Nancy Gonzalez bags are also not made in the massive quantities that other brands are.  If you fall in love with a Gonzalez bag you have to act quick because they are limited. 


There’s another big bonus with Nancy Gonzalez bags, and it is something that the other brands will never be able to compete with and that is that Nancy Gonzalez bags are not knocked off by anyone, and likely never will be.  It’s just too hard to do unlike duplicating Chanel, LV, Hermes, Gucci, and alike.

Although the Gonzalez bags come with a hefty retail price tag, the good news is that their resale price makes them affordable to just about everyone. $4000 bags can be  half the amount, and often less, you just have to wait it out. Or occasionally these bags can be found at our Las Vegas estate sales so check in with us often.

Don’t get me started on Nancy Gonzalez shoes.