Las Vegas Business Liquidations

We wrote the book on Las Vegas business liquidations. In fact, we have more experience in liquidations of any size and scope be it commercial or residential.

Our 35+ years of experience simply cannot be beat. Even our closest competitor cannot come close to the extra services we offer, (at no additional charge) coupled with our comphrensive insurance coverage and long time experienced staff. 

The liquidation process.

We take care of everything. From inventory, research and appraisal, pricing, organizing and display, to sale.

We’ve liquidated museums, art galleries, retail stores, call centers, interior design warehouses, aircraft and more. From 2000 sq feet to 33,000 sq feet. We are accustom to two day sales to week long sales and when charitable organizations call upon us we are happy to provide them with our services. 

Business liquidations of all sizes.

If you think your business liquidation is too large or small or unusal, think again.  We have no minimum or maximums.  We’ve liquidated small art collections, to entire galleries. We’ve also liquidated diamond pendant collections to entire jewelry stores. Some of our recent business liquidations included a charitable organization that offered everything you could imagine…similar to a Good Will location. Items included tens of thousands of pieces of clothing, hundreds of pieces of furniture, pianos, sports equipment, shoes, accessories, electronics, and even collectible motorcycles that looked like they just came off the showroom floor.

Need to liquidate aircraft? We’ve done that too. Car collection? Check, that is on our resume as well. From Rolls Royce to Volkswagen, classic cars to new Tesla’s. We really have seen it all.  

Liquidating jewelry and fine art.

Our background in the liquidation of fine art and fine jewelry gives us a leg up on the competition.

We started dealing in fine art in 1985 and our 35 years of networking serves our clients well. Specialty items such as fine art, jewelry, memorabilia, and classic furnishings can often be sold with just an email blast to our network.  We have jewelry collectors and collectors of Hollywood memorabilia that follow up with us weekly looking for lots of goods. Unlike our competitors, your items can be offered for sale for locally, and internationally, which will result in a higher return for you.  

Las Vegas Business Liquidation Services

Ring us up and lets chat about your situation.  We are also available to meet with you and provide an estimate of what your inventory might bring in return. We know you want the biggest return on your investment.  We want that for you too.