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Giorgio Armani was born in northern Italy in the town of Piacenza.  He had a brother and a sister and his father was an accountant. Armani was headed towards a career in medicine, and even enrolled in the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan. After three years however, in 1953, he left and joined the army. Due to his medical background, he was assigned to the Military Hospital. Afterwards he decided to change careers.

After his time in the army Armani took a job as a window dresser at a local department store in Milan. From there he became a salesperson for the menswear department.

In the 1960’s, Armani gained employment at the Nino Cerruti company, where he designed menswear. For the next 10 years he gained great experience, honed his skills, and the firm flourished. Armani eventually began to freelance, offering his talents to several manufactures at the same time. In the late 1960s, Armani met Sergio Galeotti, which begana personal and professional relationship that lasted for many years. In 1973, Armani opened a design office in Milan which lead him to freeland for some of the biggest design houses in the world.

In 1975 Giorgio Armani S.p.A. in Milan was established and in the winter of this year he presented his first collection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear under his own name. 

Armani wanted to make use of unconventional advertising methods so he created unique TV spots, massive street ads, and a special magazine that was provided to faithful Armani consumers. Armani also felt that a relationship with Hollywood was crucial for good promotion so he began to design costumes for movies such as American Gigolo and The Untouchables.

Armani quickly became the “go-to” designer for the most high profile celebrities, socialites, and royalty.  His stunning beaded dresses are always seen on the red carpet, and if you have ever had the opportunity to try one one of his gowns, you can feel the quality. 

 Armani has also introduced a line of eyeglasses, socks, a gift collection as well as additional line of mens and womens clothing with a variety of price points. 

In 2000, Giorgio Armani SpA introduced cosmetic lines and home furnishings. It was at this time that Armani was honored at the  Guggenheim with an exhibition of Armani’s work –the first time ever done for a living designer. Almost 30,000 people were in attendance.

As of 2009, Armani has 60  Armani boutiques, 122 Emporio Armani locations, 94 A/X Armani exchange stores, and 13 Armani Junior stores worldwide.  Not bad for a guy in the army who started off wanting to be a doctor. 

Armani’s beaded gowns, alligator bags, fur coats, and evening wear for both men and women have tremendous resale value. His alligator bags are reselling for about $25,0000 and his gowns can fetch $20,000. 

If you are in the Las Vegas area and have any Georgio Armani items you are thinking of selling, contact us for a valuation.  We can help you get top dollar.  We can offer you consignment, where we will wait for just the right buyer, or we can sell or auction. 

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