Did you hear about the unrestored, original 1967 Ford Mustang with just 2,182 miles?

Yep, you read that right, just 2182 miles. A 1967 Ford Mustang GTA convertible has come on the market for $34,995.00. 

It is located in North Carolina and many believe that the asking price is not out of line.  Obviously it’s extremely rare to find this year car, in this condition, with such low miles.

Over the first few years of production of this style Mustang most of the design elements are the same, but each year there were a few subtle upgrades, and 1967 is when the cars profile looked a little more ‘muscular’.

This is not only a highly desired convertible, it is also a factory GTA Fastback.  Additionally, there is no other Mustang GTA  produced with the same colors or options as this car. It’s also a bonus that this ride has the classic “Candy Apple Red” exterior paint.

The only things that are not technically stock on the car are the paint job and convertible top. Other than that, this GTA is largely in original condition. 

We are told the exterior of this ’67 Mustang is clean and straight, with no obvious damage or questionable repairs. All of the sheet metal appears to be original as well, with no evidence of bodywork.  

The interior is also Red although this can be a speed bump for some retail car buyers. The cockpit however is all original, as is the plaid plastic lining in the trunk. All are reported to be in very good condition. 


Naturally under the hood is Ford’s high-performance 289 cubic-inch V8 engine and 3-speed automatic transmission. It’s such an easy car to drive. Spacious, yet not to bulky, great visibility out the back in in front, it’s just the right size. 

All collectors agree that this  Mustang GTA is a valuable collector’s item. 

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