I know Cappellini sounds like pasta but it is one of the most exciting, desirable design firms on the planet.  

Based in Italy, obviously, Cappellini is a luxury design house that offers furnishings and accessories. They often collaborate with other designers like Pucci to create the most unique and memorable pieces.  Cappellini is also often the choice to design commercial spaces all around the world. For example you can find Cappellini furnishings at the the “25 Hours Hotel” in Zurigo, the Bentley Hotel in Istanbul, the Byblos Art Hotel in Veron, and the Mira Moon hotel in Hong Kong.  Some notable restaurants that are furnished by Cappellini are all three Espresso restaurants in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Toranto, multiple restaurants in Italy such as Carlo E Camilla, Identita’ Golose, and La Vie Resturant Osaka in Osaka. Cappellini designs can even be in the Changi airport in Singapore and other high profile spaces.  

At Boffi one day I spotted a modern ruby red glass bowl from across the room. I don’t even like red, but this red was so electric I had to have the bowl for my entry hall to hold my keys or kitchen to hold small items. Turns out the bowl was Cappellini with a $700.00 price tag. The bowl didn’t come home with me but I have never forgotten it. If it ever pops up in an estate sale, I will fight to the death for it.

Some of the most popular long time Cappelini favorites are their Rive Droite swivel chair that optionally comes upholstered in bright Pucci fabric, the ‘sunset’ chair, and their famous wooden chair (directly below).  Cappellini items All Estate Sales has curated includes their Tate high back stools (bottom left) and their Low Pad chair by Japer Morrison (below in black and white)

If you have an Cappellini furnishings or accessories you would like to sell, we have buyers for everything. Metal or glass bowls, chairs, tables, bookshelves, rugs, and even lighting. Serving all of Las Vegas for over 35 years.