I remember the first time I was introduced to B&B Italia. It was in the “Living Penthouse” on south Las Vegas Blvd. I was stopped in my tracks I was so taken by the beautiful pieces.  

Everything in the showroom was modern, sleek, and clearly Italian made. Sofa’s started at $20,000, glass and chrome dining tables started at $7000 and dining chairs were $1000.00 each. I couldn’t afford anything in the store at the time, but the Italian furnishing were permanently etched in my brain for later in life. I also made note that the primary designer was named  Antonio Citterio, who I later learned also designed for Minotti, another fantastic Italian designer.  

In my opinion, B&B Italia, Minotti, and Poliform offer the most beautiful, high quality furniture in the world. All similar in their sensibility, low sleek lines, with extreme quality. Thick wools, bulky chenilles, chrome legs, and never ever a printed fabric in sight, with the ONE exception when B&B offered Pucci fabric on their Cappellini swivel chair.

B&B typically uses oak for their choice of wood, which I know creates an image of horrible kitchen cabinets, but not when the Italians are in charge. Their oak headboards, coffee tables, and shelving are a special specimen of oak that when stained or painted is  modern, luxurious, and consistent.  I don’t even like wood, but this is the only wood I will allow in my home. Lucky for me, Minotti, B&B Italia, and Poliform all use this type of oak for their furnishings.  

Our Las Vegas estate sale clients have such superior taste it’s no surprise we are finding B&B Italia furnishings in their primary homes, vacation homes, and alternate residences. 

Probably the most popular B&B Italia item is the Charles Sofa.  It is easy to recognize with it’s upside down brushed chrome legs (which unfortunately have been knocked off by everyone now).  However the Charles sofa has a profile that is easy to spot.  From the front, you cannot miss the angled arm rest. This sofa has been in product for at least 25 years that I personally know of.  Charles comes in a variety of configurations, right and left arm, one arm as a chaise, sectional, or whatever you need for your particular space.  If you want a Charles sofa, you will likely be able to find one at a resale level.  If you have one to sell, we can help you find its new home.

If you are thinking of redecorating, selling your designer furnishings are a great way to recoup some of your investment and apply to your new decor. The ultimate in recycling. Plus it’s hard to find a place in your home for a extra sofa or chairs.  Most people I know can barely find space in their closet for a new pair of pants.  

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