The Corona Virus in Las Vegas

I don’t think anyone thought we would be locked down in our homes for over six weeks. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, no one thought it would go on this long and affect so many people so intimately.  We are all so proud the way Nevadian’s have been working together to help those with special needs and especially senior citizens. We are so fortunate that are our statistics are low unlike other states on the east coast that are struggling so. Thank you to everyone in Nevada for being so diligent and for their great consideration for others. We are looking forward to the time when all business are back to normal and there are no new hospitalizations.

As many restaurants and retail business continue to be temporarily closed, Las Vegas Estate Sales and Auction Company is open for business and assisting clients with all their estate sale, auction, consignment, and loan needs. We are following all the mandated protocols of course, and have added a few of our own as well. We are able to assist our clients with phone consultations, receive images by text or email, provide estimates, schedule estate sales, and answer any questions people have.

Items that we can sell quickly on behalf of our clients are fine art, Gold, Silver, Rolex, diamond jewelry, and loose stones such as: Emeralds, Sapphires, Diamonds, and Tanzanites.  During this time we are also offering lending against these types of items if that is something that would be helpful.  This way, clients do not have to out-right sell their items…they can buy them back at a later date that works for them.

We also find that with the mandatory ‘stay at home’ order in Las Vegas that people now have the time to re-organize, clean out, de-clutter, and update living spaces and closets!  For example, many people appreciate the opportunity to recycle their designer handbags (or golf clubs) in favor of the newest models. Buy, enjoy, sell, and repeat, we always say. Bored with your Black Chanel bag…who isn’t?  Opt for the new banana Yellow Chanel bag for spring, add a new exciting pop of color to your look, and give yourself a treat for getting through Covid-19. We always say a bright pop of Chanel color ‘takes off 10 years’. Vibrant colors are not just for people in their 20’s and you only life once.  

The beauty of our consignment, private or public sale, and auction process is that we pick up your items, sell them on your behalf, all without anyone coming to your home. All you have to do is figure out what you are going to buy with your newly-found-funds.

Now is also a good time to sell that classic car, fine art collection, fine jewelry from 1990 that you know you are never going to wear again, or gifts from an X-spouse or X-mother-in-law. The price of gold closed at $1657.00 Friday so it is a great time to sell metals. Gold coins, gold jewelry, gold key rings, and yes we can even sell  scrap gold for you. Same with Silver and sterling silver, coins, Tiffany silver, and bars.

We are setting up appointments for classic estate sales, and conducting a lot of business by phone and text. Let us know how we can best serve you.  As we are located in Las Vegas we are easy to reach and central to everyone.